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Meet Barra

An Attentive Listener

Hi, I’m Barra Fitzgibbon, a trained lawyer who moved from the courtroom to the UK’s National airwaves to become Channel 4’s first ever Irish voice over artist. I have spent over 20 years studying the impact of attentive listening. From an individual and wider organisation perspective.

After a near death brush with Covid, I personally experienced how attentive listening ultimately saved my life. Extolling the benefits of listening to ourselves and each other is now my life’s work.

My Promise

1. The most important person to listen to is yourself

Whether or not we notice it, we move through each day with a continuous inner conversation. We talk to ourselves about what is happening and what it means, but do we listen? We relate today’s events to yesterday’s struggles and tomorrow’s possibilities. We define our character and decide our role with others both in our personal and professional lives. That's why it's so important we're fully tapped in and listening to our inner dialogue.

2. Better conversations lead to better business
Smart leaders
attentively listen to employees on a human level, introduce practices and cultural norms that instil conversational awareness and appreciation throughout their organisations. This allows a large or growing company to operate as a smaller and more agile entity and reap the rewards of such - operational flexibility, high levels of employee engagement, strategic alignment, innovation and creativity.

My Services

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