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Business Support

Better conversations result in business growth for organisations.


Better connections

  • Collaborate better

  • Understand goals, tasks and requirements

  • Improve customer interaction

  • Increase flexibility and cope with change

  • Become more transparent and visible

Building Empathy

  • Facilitate a more compassionate place of work, helping unlock creativity and encourage innovation

  • Approach anger and conflict in a healthy fashion

  • Deliver bad news in a way that's healthier for affected staff

  • Engage in meaningful conversations about diversity and disability and challenge unconscious bias

  • See COVID not as a threat but as an opportunity to optimise business growth

Staff Motivation

  • Encourage an open, honest and respectful culture

  • Empower personal growth

  • Build individual personal branding and achieve career progression

  • Conquer stagefright, performance and presentation nerves

  • Reduce staff anxiety, absenteeism and sickness

How I do it

Discovering what the culture of any organisation needs begins with a conversation. From there, I build bespoke programmes which are delivered via group workshops, coaching within teams and mentoring staff at all levels of the organisation. My role is to fit into the employees’ life cycle and act as the supportive tenth man.

An important part of my work is to incorporate real life case studies as it creates a more honest and creative environment. The tangible benefits of these programmes is that they build social connections between the organisation’s teams, fostering a common sense of identity. Giving teams the chance to create two or three layers of common identity creates connections and the results are that they share, educate, come together and innovate with a new energy resulting in personal and business growth.

Sessions can be provided in person and virtually

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