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Today's most inspiring brands and individuals are developing with me.

I am lucky enough to work with large and small organisations as well as many inspiring individuals. It's my goal for my clients to achieve epic success beyond just our time together.

"Barra’s presentation was amazing. Was so good to hear of someone's experience and the way he spoke was truly great. I would love to be able to hear it again. I think having someone who is a conversation specialist is great and I think it’s good to have courses with people like him to learn how to have good conversations. A truly amazing speaker.  I was 100% captivated."

NHS feedback from a motivational talk


Declan Hasset, Senior Licensing Manager at Guinness.

"What makes Barra stand out is his humanity and his attention to detail. Barra's intellect and passion for life shines through. His quick witted nature makes you feel you've been part of an amazing conversation."

Mat Kemp, Creative Director of Meatopia, London.

"Barra understands the brief, has an infectious, collaborative approach, facilitates different personalities with ease, works brilliantly with a crowd, listens attentively, and provides a memorable conversation experience. He fastidiously studies the background of projects so he can immerse himself in the subject."

Rebekah Wilson, Director of Teach M£ Ltd.

"Barra's programs should be implemented across all schools, universities and businesses. People need this in their lives to face the unexpected, to get a grip on who and what they are and to bring compassion and care to every and any conversation they could, would or should encounter."

Michael Pollock, Managing Director, Strata IT Ltd.

“After my sessions with Barra around Covid Culture I feel more confident in making human connections and helping work relationships grow. I now have the skills to optimise both my personal and working life."

Brenda Byrne, Regional Manager, Hi-Tech Associates.

"Barra's program specific to Covid Culture is thought provoking, stimulating and inspiring. It helps me deal with my own anxiety and recognise the anxiety in others."

Beatrice Adebowale, Founder of  Beauty Boost Me.

"Barra's programs should be implemented across all schools, universities and businesses. People need this in their lives to face the unexpected, to get a grip on who and what they are and to bring compassion and care to every and any conversation they could, would or should encounter."

Natalie Seldon, Food Writer, Author and Stylist.

"Barra has an enviable ability to put you instantly at ease. It's a unique unwritten recipe, part knowledge, part enquiry, plus a dash of wicked Irish charm."

Georgiana Ursachescu, Student of Bloomsbury Institute, London.

“Barra is an amazing teacher, creating a safe and comfortable environment for everyone. Making sure that everyone is always listened to, and that everyone is growing and understanding the skills needed for different challenging conversations. He has helped me to understand my emotions. I'm now more confident in speaking. I would take this program again. It's so unique , you can always learn something new, no matter how many times you do it.”

John Fairhurst, Managing Director and Academic Principal of Bloomsbury Institute.

"Barra came in and immediately grasped an understanding of our culture. Through his work with our staff he's helped us communicate better and has helped us to build a more trusting workplace"

Alison Welsh, Co-Founder and Managing Director Tweed Wealth Management

"Such an interesting, thought provoking session from Barra for the Tweed Wealth Management team at our recent virtual quarterly conference. The team feedback has been so positive and we are looking forward to dedicating more time to this over the next few months."
(Individual Work)

Aoibhain Hassett (Individual Work)

"I don’t think I realised that my inner monologue could help rather than hinder. The tools and techniques that Barra is teaching have transcended into every aspect of my life and I couldn’t help but tell my friends and family all about the things I was learning. Everybody would benefit from this. I always came away from our Monday sessions on a bit of a high because we didn’t lament over previous traumatic experiences or get too into why we feel the emotions we do. Instead Barra offers practical advice and tools that I could apply to any experience. Because the program is always enjoyable, it helped build my confidence. "
(Botley Limited España S.L.)

Jo-Anne Barfoot

Head of Barfoots of Botley Limited España S.L.

"Barra has a skill, an art in that he is an interesting person to communicate with and as such he grasps the learner's attention and opens their mind."

Healthcare Financial Management Association

"Barra made my day, if not my year. Thanks for this workshop."

"Could have done with longer."

"Very inspiring, interesting practical ideas to take forward."

Skills Development Network

"The highlight of a 2 day session for me. Barra is so sincere, his message so strong. He really made me reflect on things in my life."

Future Focused Finance

"Exceptional. Barra explained methods to help engage in more meaningful conversations in such a clear and interesting way. He gave great examples and used humour, honesty and simplicity to get his message across. Excellent. I'm now motivated to get started on his suggestions immediately."

John Home, Senior Partner, St. James's Place Wealth Management

"Great couple of hours and well worth the time spent on it. Barra was very engaging and made it all very easy whilst still getting his point across and making me look at myself in detail and at what I do / how I act – 100% some learning points for me.More than happy to be part of anything else he is doing."

Visha Naul, Director of Business Marketing, EMEA and Chair of Women@EMEA, Pinterest

"Barra hosted a speaking workshop for a small group of women across Europe. The workshop was excellently managed, highly engaging and he was really inclusive of the room. The feedback was really enthusiastic and everyone felt that they gained tons of insight and confidence tips. I would definitely recommend Barra's expertise to other businesses wanting to do the same for their employees."
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