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Individual Support

Listening is how we develop human connection, a vital and often undervalued tool at everyone's disposal.


Listening to ourselves

  • Recognise your inner voice and how it impacts your relationship with yourself and the decisions you make everyday in your life

  • Learn the skills and tools to make the inner voice more positive, compassionate and supportive with long lasting results

Listening to others

  • Build meaningful connections and better relationships with others

  • Communicate with a new found confidence that maximises both you and the people around you

  • Become more in tune, respectful and aware of others

  • Deliver profound life changing news by making the dialogue as human as possible for both giver and receiver

Being the best version of yourself

  • Become a better listener through effective use of body language, tone of voice and words

  • Unlock uninhibited creativity and innovation

  • Quieten feelings of anxiety, avoidance, and self-doubt

How I do it

No two individuals are the same, so my approach starts by listening fully to the needs of the person. I build programmes centred on the individual over a period of weeks/months that create positive momentum. In these programmes we look at building confidence, taking back control, developing empathy and experiencing the power of attentive listening. If appropriate I work with an actor to mirror real life, diverse conversations and encourage improv. This space allows the individual to dig deep into the nuances of where attentive listening can have a huge impact.

Sessions can be provided in person and virtually

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