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Individual Support

Every conversation in our waking day is the place where we learn to listen and develop human connection, a vital and often undervalued tool at everyone's disposal.


The conversation with ourselves

  • Recognise your inner voice and how it impacts your relationship with yourself and the decisions you make everyday in your life

  • Learn the skills and tools to make the inner voice more positive, compassionate and supportive with long lasting results

The conversation with others

  • Build meaningful connections and better relationships with others

  • Communicate with a new found confidence that maximises both you and the people around you

  • Become more in tune, respectful and aware of others

  • Deliver profound life changing news by making the dialogue as human as possible for both giver and receiver

Being the best version of yourself

  • Become a better conversationalist through effective use of body language, words and active listening

  • Unlock uninhibited creativity and innovation

  • Quieten feelings of anxiety, avoidance, and self-doubt

How I do it

No two individuals are the same, so my approach starts with a conversation to understand fully the needs of the person. I build programmes centred on the individual over a period of weeks/months that create positive momentum. In these programmes we look at building confidence, taking back control, developing empathy and experiencing the power of better conversations.

Sessions can be provided in person and virtually

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