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I provide motivational talks on the power of positive conversations. I have delivered talks to the NHS and continue to work closely with them on the values of positive communication and how this is a core part of a patient’s recovery as much as modern medicine (video available here).


I also provide talks on all aspects of the programmes I deliver for Individuals, Organisations and the Higher Education sector.


Prominent topics that I speak on:


  • How better conversations within health providers deliver a patient centered approach to care and recovery.

  • How addressing the conversation with ourselves is the first step to building meaningful, supportive, compassionate human connections.

  • How Covid is the reset button for organisations. The chance to optimise business growth.

  • How to see kindness as a strength. Empathetic conversations are a key motivating tool and the cornerstone of maximising individuals and organisations alike.

  • How better conversations can help people start to have a more open, honest, and meaningful dialogue around diversity.

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